Crestway Systems: Markerboards for Conferences, Coaching and More

8. Conference Units

The interior is equipped with a whiteboard, tack panels on each door, paper pad holder on one side and optional pull down projector screen. Lock optional. When closed, information inside is secure. This unit makes an attractive addition to all conference rooms and offices.

9. Combination Boards

Two or more boards of your choice in one frame for the convenience of tackable and/or write-on surfaces. All combo units can be framed with aluminum or wood.

10. Custom Lined and Lettered Boards

Custom lined and lettered boards can be manufactured to any specification or design that is required. Permanent lines are painted on steel porcelain magnetic boards. Comes complete with trim and tray. Assorted magnets can be used in conjunction with any scheduling board.

10a. Hockey Boards - Coaching Boards

Ideal for coaching any sport and simplifying game plays. Porcelain steel whiteboard can be formatted to any sport. Comes with aluminum frame. Pens and magnets included.

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